Strata Insurance

Commercial and Residential Strata Insurance is designed to protect the specific insurance needs of owners of units or offices within a larger building that are not always catered for under a standard commercial property insurance policy.

A Strata Title provides the legal ownership of a portion of a building or apartment block known as ‘lots’. Owners of a ‘lot’ receive a title deed to their unit that acts in the same way as a normal property: you can sell, lease, live or operate a business in your lot. Each unit owner owns the interior spaces of the lot, but the building as a whole is owned by the Owners Corporation.

Commercial and Residential Strata insurance is issued to the Owners Corporation and covers the building and other common area contents as well as providing additional legal liability. Each individual unit holder is responsible for insuring their own contents and liability for incidents occurring inside their unit or in conjunction with their business.

Key Insurance Group specialize in Commercial and Residential Strata Insurance and can provide cover specifically tailored to your individual needs as an owner of your ‘lot’. Through leading insurers, we can offer a comprehensive range of products that can be tailored to suit most risks.

Key Insurance Group can arrange both Commercial and Residential Strata Insurance policies which provide:

  • Property cover (buildings and common contents)
  • Public liability
  • Cover against loss of property resulting from theft by committee members
  • Office Bearers’ Liability
  • Voluntary Workers Personal Accident
  • Machinery cover.

Policies can be tailored to suit your individual insurance requirements, regardless of the size or type of your strata property and whether it’s used for residential, commercial or a mix of both so you only pay for the cover you need.

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