Contract Works

Contract Works Insurance provides cover against risks associated with civil, commercial and residential construction projects, designed to assist Licensed builders and Contractors to meet their contractual obligations to insure a building project and the materials on-site against loss or damage.

Contract Works Insurance usually covers:

  • Loss or Damage to the insured construction project
  • Loss or damage to third party property
  • Personal Injury to a third party person.
Key Insurance Group specialise in Contract Works Insurance. We have access to a range of specialist insurance policies from leading insurers to cover the range of risks and assets that are part of a construction site. Contract works insurance covers loss and damage to a building project such as from storms, fires, earthquakes, water damage, malicious damage or theft.

Key Insurance Group can arrange cover for:

  • Annual and job-specific policies for licensed builders for any sized project
  • Extend your annual contract works policy to include cover for your tools if they are damaged or stolen
  • Add your clients’ existing structure to your policy if needed when carrying out extensions or renovations to their home.
  • Source Public Liability policies provide cover for property damage and personal injury claims for which you are legally liable.

A good Contract Works Insurance policy should also provide cover for the costs of demolition, removal of debris and other fees associated with restoring the site to a workable state. Some Contract Works Insurance policies also include cover for tools utilised on site plus hired in plant and other mobile equipment.

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